Cat mate c3000 automatic dry food pet feeder

Cat mate c3000 automatic dry food pet feeder

For those who haven’t know, I got this feeder just 2 weeks ago from Amazon. And I must say I was a pretty good deal. You may ask why? Well, here is the reason for this nice little cat feeder. My review is based on personal opinion and other customer feedbacks so I gotta say that it’s quite legit. And believe it or not, what I’m about to say is not exaggerated at all.

Product description:

Product description

At first look, it may seem a little bit small with 8.3 x 8.3 x 14.5 inches dimension and 2 pounds of weight. But this dry food feeder for cat and dog can be programmed up to 3 meals per day with different portion sizes. That way, your pet can avoid the risks of overfeeding like obesity or diabetes. The c3000 also has the serving-on-demand function, you can train your pet to auto feed itself. It has a 6.6-pound capacity food holder that can contain food for a medium cat for one month. This is really convenient when you have to travel somewhere far for a long time. This pet feeder works with 4 C-cell batteries (not included) which can work for about 12 months if you use good quality ones.

Detail features:

Now let’s have a look at some of those good features that the manufacturer has offered.

  • Can provide up to 3 feeds every 24 hours with three different size meals.
  • The LCD provide a full control of the feeder. You can see the detail information of the food inside and also the battery information too.
  • Large food holder (up to 6.6 pounds) can save you tons of time but you should always pay attention to the food inside because it can go bad after a long time.
  • The components are easy to take apart and reassemble so you could put them in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • If extra stability is required, you can attach it to a wooden board or ground.
  • It has other optional modes for you to manually configure.
Product description

Pros and cons


  • Allow up to 3 meals a day which is a really great feature for someone who always has to on work trips like me
  • Easy to use, the LCD screen shows all the status you need to the amount of food left inside or the time until the next feed and of course, the battery status.
  • All your programmed options will remain untouched after changing the battery if you do this within 1 minutes.
  • All parts can easily disassemble and assemble and they’re friendly with a dishwasher so it took me no time washing them.


  • Small size foods can sometimes be inaccurately dispensed.
  • Additional programs could be a little difficult for some people.
  • The fact that this auto feeder only works with batteries can sometimes be disturbing because I’m not always home to change them. If they can also add an electric wiring function, this will be perfect.

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