Choosing the right mattress for your sleeping position

Sleeping position

You may not realize this but everybody has their own signature sleeping position that they often feel the most comfortable. Even when you fall asleep in another position, your body will still turn to its most habitual position. But the problem is different sleep position require something different from its mattress. Most of the time, you buy a mattress just because it has outstanding reviews on the internet or through someone advice. But you see, sometimes they aren’t the mattress that could complement your sleeping position. So in this post, I’m gonna give you a detailed guide about sleeping position and the type of mattress that suit them.

Back sleeping

Back sleeper

This is the position that most doctor would recommend their patient. This is the best position for normal people and those with a back problem. But the problem is that not many people like this position, because it makes your body feel stiff and it doesn’t feel natural at all, at least that is how I feel it. In order to have the best sleeping experience, you need to investing mattress that is designed for a back sleeper. Those key elements that your mattress need is firmness and support. An innerspring is probably the best choice for back sleeper because it has firmness and the coil system would help increase the distribution of your body weight.

Side sleeping

Side sleeper

Most people (included me) feel comfortable sleeping in this position, probably because it makes us feel familiar. Do you know that fetal also sleep in this position? Despite the comfort, this position often causes us spine problem so we need a specific mattress to deal with the problems. And I’ve found my answer after reading a review on the internet. They provide you all the needed information about the mattress and how to choose them, they even named a few great products for you to take a look at. If you want to see the review then click here. Back to the problem, side sleeper should choose a mattress that is soft and elastic. That way, when you sleep your body would be embraced by the mattress and it keeps your body in shape and also support your back. A memory foam or latex mattress would make a clever choice.

Stomach sleeping

Stomach sleeper

There are few people who prefer sleeping in this position, even though I couldn’t understand why. I’ve tried this once and it felt so uncomfortable, your chest and belly got suffocated under your body weight and the mattress. The only known benefit of stomach sleeping that I’ve heard is it help you reduce snoring. I personally would never try this position again even when I’m a snorer but for those who are interested in stomach sleeping, I have a little advice for you when choosing a mattress. You must choose those that is soft enough so your chest won’t feel heavy, a latex seems like a good choice in this situation. And also remember to use your softest pillow since you’ll turn your head to the two other sides when sleeping in this position. A high and firm pillow could give you serious neck and shoulder pain.


Hope you could find the mattress that suits you and don’t forget to check out my other posts. See ya.

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