How to Know the Difference of Solar Batteries

Currently, the use of solar panels to supply electricity to individual households or companies, factories and factories is on the increase. Along with that, there are also many foreign suppliers are massively seeking to offer companies selling solar batteries in Vietnam. They introduced each other and said that their product was the best quality and the lowest price, which is understandable because they put their profits first. That is why the market for solar cell power is becoming increasingly chaotic and gradually losing control.

Solar battery

– The suppliers enter or offer to set up a branch in Vietnam to facilitate the transaction. But such partners come mainly from China, a large nation, and a fast-paced industry where they can do anything if the market needs it, From small candy to large products requiring modern chaining systems such as the creation of smart robots …But you can visit here to choose your solar panels and batteries. I think it’s a good advice.

Learn About Solar Batteries

poly battery

Each solar cell must meet three requirements: good light absorption, electron capture and generation of electricity. If made from this flexible material, cells can absorb 85% of the energy from sunlight into them; Free up 95% of photons from electrons to generate electricity.

1.The poly batteries 

It is a type of battery that has slower sunlight absorption, and it has to reach a certain level of sunshine when the panel starts to operate, in the dark weather conditions. Measurements (V) and (A) are not indicative, which are much cheaper than mono batteries and are more widely used in tropical areas, where the intensity of sunlight is very high. Stable, say not the Poly battery is not good, it’s high conversion efficiency, only in what area you use that type of battery. The main purpose of using solar cells is still the conversion efficiency.

2. The mono battery 

It is a type of battery with the faster absorption of sunlight, in the condition of no sun but only light, it has power, measure (V) and (A) will now have 2 indexs. However, index (A) shows less. This type of battery is most used in areas with complex climate because here is influenced by winter, the amount of cloud is so high that if using poly batteries do not look ok. Of course, Mono batteries cost more.

3. For poor quality batteries


These photovoltaic cells are still out of power, but the inside of the EL test will see fissures, which, after a period of use with the sun’s heat, It is disconnected, which can cause loss of performance or damage to the entire battery. Thus, many unclassified panels from China may be damaged or not emit electricity after only a few years of use. So Customers should only buy solar cells from reputable suppliers then the warranty will be more comfortable.

Performance of each type of battery

Highest-performing A-type cell means the highest quality, when you combine these cells to form a battery, we have the highest performance battery. With the same area of 1m2 17-18% A cell type panels can produce more than 160-170W electricity, while also this area if using Cell efficiency is 10-12% yield only 100-110W electricity

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