Types of footwear that men need to have in their closet

Nowadays, a pair suitable shoes is necessary for your appearance. In order to make yourself look good for every time, you need a pair for each occasion at your disposal. However, as a man, you only need a few of these to complement your look. Here they are in details:

Formal pair

You would wear them to formal events of your family or acquaintances such as funeral, wedding or other ceremonies. You want to dress for the occasion so that people don’t deem you as impolite. And for that, you will need to acquire a pair of this type of shoes. The price tag of this item is usually high but you can look for cheaper alternatives if you lack the financial means.

Casual pair



This is the pair you would wear when going out with friends for drinks or to have fun. This will allow easy, comfortable movement while at the same time, keep your stand out from the next guy. You should buy two pairs of these just in case one of them get wet or dirty.

Sport pair


Sport is the activity that men often do when they want to relieve the stress and to strengthen their bodies. Because of that, a good pair of shoes is a must in order to facilitate the process.

You should buy two pairs, one for simple running and walking and the other one for your favorite sport. That should give you a comfortable feeling while working out and make it more effective as well.

Home pair 

Like the name said, this is the pair which you will wear for the most part at home. This is to keep your feet clean and at the same time, warm as well. Since you will be wearing them at home, you should choose a pair of slippers. With them, you can put them on and take them off with ease for whatever purpose that is. Choose whatever brand and style you like because no one is going to judge them except for your families and relatives.

That should be all the types of shoes that you are going to need. If you think that I am missing something, post it in the comment down below. Bonus for reading this article, here is a link to the list of the best shoes for each type. You can view the best walking shoes for men 2017 or the best from other categories as well.

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