What chicken gives me the best egg for incubator

Do you know that the key to every success is a well-prepared plan? And in this case, it’s the way that you have been taken care of your hens. A healthy hen will definitely have more chance of delivering fertile eggs than others. And even with eggs that come from the same chicken still have some differences that if not being noticed will lower your hatching rates even when you have been using the best home egg incubator.

That’s why it’s important to keep you chicken healthy so that they can provide you highly fertile eggs. Here are some of my tips when it comes to taking care of hens and choosing fertile eggs.

Taking care of hens


Everything will become better if you pour a little love into it.Taking care of the hen And this formula has changed much when it comes to chickens. By observing them, you’ll learn the special habits of each hen. The way they eat and play, their attitude toward others. Knowing these factors could help you have better control over the flock. And by understanding their behavior, you could also tell which one is healthy, which one is a little bit under weather, and which one is sick by observing the way they work and eat.


Having your coop cleaned frequently is also a way to make your chicken happy. So you should spend a little time on a certain day to do the job. Remember to clean all the poop and urine. And don’t forget to sterilize every corner of your coop. This is a great way to prevent illness as well as reduce the chance of having harmful disease around your hens. But don’t overly clean your coop like most people did. They often want to make their chicken coop look like a luxurious hotel that doesn’t have any piece of dirt on it. What they don’t know is that chickens, in this case, your hens love having a little bit of dirt around them. Because chicken is omnivores, beside the food that you’ve been giving them daily your chicks will find other food outside of your coop. And in the process, they’ll eat all kind of food which require the different condition to digest. So your chicken can use a little dust and gravel to help them taking care of the food. So remember to clean your coop frequently but don’t overly do it.


Feeding chicken

And another important factor which we couldn’t forget about is feeding your chicks. As I was saying, by observing your hens, you’ll learn about each one eating habit as well as health status. By knowing these factor, you could consider changing each chicken portion so they could have the most effect on each individual. But you shouldn’t keep feeding your hens with a same type of food. You need to flexibly switch between these foods. Here are some of the food that often on my hen’s menu: raisins and grape, apple chunks, pumpkin seeds, greens, corn cobs, and don’t forget about leftover from your meal.

Taking care of the eggs

Just like how you did with the hens, your fertile eggs must be carefully taken care so that they could remain in good condition and have a better hatch rate.


Firstly when your hens lay an egg, carefully observe the egg to make sure that there aren’t any abnormal sign with the egg. It should have an oval shape with a slightly pointier end than the other one. There mustn’t be any crack on the shell. The last thing you need to do is candling those eggs to see which one has an embryo in it. Only those eggs that have sperm can hatch into chicks.


After you have separate the good eggs from the bad ones, carefully clean it with water and some clean towel. Sterilize them with recommended products. Then put them somewhere clean and dry.

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