How to watch free movies on Chromecast

If you’re a fan of movies, cartoon, anime, or TV show, and you’re tired of watching all these content on small screens like on your smartphone or laptop. Then you might want to have some Chromecast with you. Especially when you have had membership with some content streaming site like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll,…

What is Chromecast?

What is chrome cast

Chromecast is a Google device that is used as a transmit station between your TV and smartphone or laptop. It helps display the content from the device on your TV screen. It’s particularly effective for those who are using smartphones since their displays are often small and don’t have high definition. Simply plug the Chromecast into your TV HDMI port then connect to your smartphones or laptop and you’re good to go.

How to use Chromecast?

First, you’ll need to purchase it. But as good as it may sound, this device isn’t very useful for someone who’re using devices that have a USB port since they can stream the content from the devices to the TV with a simple HDMI cable. And If you’re one of those that prefer traditional TV than watch other types of content then you might not need this.

How to watch free movies on Chromecast?

It’s really simple, just like how you watch movies on smartphones or laptops. All you need is a decent internet connection, a TV with HDMI port.

Connect your device with the Chromecast and browse the internet to find your favorite movies or shows. This might sound like an easy step but if you don’t have any membership account on movies streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu you’ll have to find movies on your own. That’s why I’ll give you a list of great free movies streaming site which I often visit when I want to watch movies.

Using chrome castYoutube

Don’t be a surprise if this website makes it here. You won’t believe how much free movies this site has. Plus, it also has other awesome videos that most of us would like to watch again and again. Thanks to the Youtube producer feature, Youtubers are encouraged to make great contents on their channel. Which makes this website a great place to watch free content.


This is the place that I often visit whenever I want to watch movies. It has almost every movie on the internet and a large library of movies in various categories, action, horror, sci-fi, documentary, comedy,… And the best thing is that you can watch all these movies for free. The site generates its income by having ads on the site so users only need to watch some ads to support the developers.


This site is another place for movies streaming. All the content that you are able to watch is completely free so you shouldn’t worry about this site being illegal. But since the content is free to stream, we shouldn’t expect the site to have any new movies. Instead, you’ll have chances to watch great titles from the past.

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